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At the start of each new season I like to collect my favorite images so I can edit my wardrobe, focus on a fall style and purchase the items that will work with everything. I am going for a pale grey and blush pallet this fall. Also in the mix some hair ideas but I might just stick with wild long and blonde... again. Like with new beauty products I have a belief that if it's not broken don't fix it.

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This week, let's entertain. Food styling and attention to the lighting makes everything much more grand and sumptuous. For drinks first serve champagne cocktails with ice blocks infused with berries or mint. Next, create easy and elegant first course summer dishes such as fresh salads served on your silver ware, crystal and Hermes plates. Then for the best and simplest main course order pizza from The Upper Crust. You can't beat it for style, lightness and taste perfection. It's all in the way you present it that matters. 

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Ok let's shop the new season this week.... while your size is still there. I want the opposite of my summer suitcases filled with light white dresses. Now I am ready for opulent rich fall colours and butter soft leather matched with dark lace and barely there silks. Complete with bare legs and a blanket throw over and your done.  


Up and Comer

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University of Westminster graduate Valeska Jasso Collado was inspired by the color, finish and form of Memphis furniture to create this avant-garde collection of wearable structures. Using foam as the base, the designer experimented with latex coatings to create a modern glossy, liquid-look. The combined sheets of material were then sliced and folded into wearable, abstract surfaces that merge the 1980s design group’s iconic pastel color palette and fresh peek-a-boo brights. Simple steel screws and washers link the pieces together, to create exaggerated A-line skirts, framing circular fans around the upper body and voluminous pants with pockets.